Six Criterion films added to Hulu

ZATOICHI_criterion_still2Don’t know how we missed this but late last week Hulu added the Criterion Collection channel, starting with six films from the “Zatoichi” series of Japanese films. There are 26 “Zatoichi” films in total dated from 1962 until 1989. (A remake of the original was released in 2003.) The films are also known as “Zatoichi: The Blind Swordsman” and are titled as such on Criterion says they will be adding more films soon. Check out the new channel on Hulu.

Six Criterion Collection films added to Hulu:

Zatoichi: The Tale of Zatoichi
Film # 1, 1962 (1:36:15)

Zatoichi: The Tale of Zatoichi Continues
Film #2, 1962 (1:12:29)

Zatoichi: New Tale of Zatoichi
Film #3, 1963 (1:31:37)

Zatoichi: The Fugitive
Film #4, 1963 (1:26:11)

Zatoichi: On the Road
Film #5, 1963 (1:27:49)

Zatoichi: Zatoichi and the Chest of Gold
Film #6, 1964 (1:22:27)

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Jeff Chabot

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