HDNet to present Iraq documentary series: Baker Boys – Inside the Surge

baker-boys-title-330x186The year is 2008, and veteran combat photographer Jon Steele has entered Iraq with Baker Company, a select group of Army soldiers who purposely enter an Al Qaida stronghold on a counterinsurgency mission for the last 3 months of their tour of duty.

Baker Boys: Inside the Surge is a close-up and honest depiction of what the war looks like from the ground. Steele is the camerman and narrator, who interviews the members of Baker Company both in the war zone and when they return home to the U.S.

“The documentary bears witness to the physical and emotional cost paid by American soldiers who, after years of fighting to win the war in Iraq, are now cast into an unfamiliar and unsettling role of winning the peace with non-traditional weapons: talking, trust building, and cash,” said director Kern Konwiser.

Mark Cuban, chairman and co-founder of HDNet adds, “This documentary series is extremely powerful. Our viewers will be deeply moved by these soldiers and the stories that they tell us in their own words.”

Baker Boys: Inside the Surge will premiere Tuesday, Jan. 5 at 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time. The documentary series is composed of four 60-minute episodes. For more info and a trailer visit http://www.bakerboysmovie.com/.

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