HD viewing up 65-percent in two years

vizio-xvt-hdtvA study from Knowledge Networks says viewing of HDTV programming has increased 65-percent in two years, citing a “recontact” of persons interviewed in 2007. Those interviewed, aged 13-54 year old, said they are also watching more “how-to” programming, drama, and national news.

The study in 2007 showed only 26-percent of those interviewed said they watched HD programming everyday. This year, that number jumped to 43-percent.

The research also confirmed other behaviors with regards to high-definition viewing. For one, women are less likely to search for HD programming when turning on their television. Only 19-percent said they did compared to 48-percent of men.

When choosing HD over standard-definition men tend to care more than women — 58-percent compared to 41-percent. And, men also seem to notice more if advertisements are in HD or not — 42-percent compared to 20-percent.

Here is a snippet of the study directly from Knowledge Networks:


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Jeff Chabot

Jeff Chabot

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