Knoxville gets AT&T’s IPTV alternative

att-uverse-logoResidents in Knoxville Tenn., now have the option of television, and voice and internet services via IPTV from AT&T’s U-verse. U-verse offers 110 high-definition channels, as well as a personalized U-bar, containing sports, weather and other dynamic content.

“Cable has been the only game in town for too long, and we’re excited to change that today in Knoxville,” said Bryan Klamer, general manager-Home Solutions for AT&T Tennessee. Boasting the ease at which service could be updated via internet protocol he added, “quite simply, U-verse is cooler than cable.”

“This investment by AT&T is great news for Knoxville, as it brings exciting new technology and new jobs to our community,” said Senate Speaker Pro Tempore Jamie Woodson.

AT&T’s Total Home DVR allows a residency to watch up to four channels at once with U-verse TV Multiview. The service also gives you the ability to program the DVR via PC or mobile phone.

AT&T U-verse was originally launched across the greater Nashville-area in December 2008.


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