Fallout 3 ‘The Pitt’ is back on Xbox Live

Good news. Bethesda has successfully re-uploaded their ‘The Pitt’ DLC to Xbox Live. This Fallout 3 content, which was initially pulled due to corruption, is now clean and ready to be consumed. Bethesda has posted the following on their official blog. It instructs those who downloaded the corrupted file on how to acquire the clean update.

“The English version of The Pitt is now available for download on Xbox Live. If you downloaded the (corrupted) file that was originally available, you will need to delete it before downloading the new version. If you haven’t deleted DLC content before, here’s the steps you’ll want to take:

• Sign in to Xbox LIVE then press the guide button
• Go to Settings->System Settings->Memory.
• From here, scroll down to Fallout 3 and press A.
• Select Fallout 3: The Pitt (Marketplace Content) press A then choose Delete, then Yes to Delete (make sure not to delete any of your game saves)

Once the original version is deleted, you can re-download The Pitt again free of charge.

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5 Replies to “Fallout 3 ‘The Pitt’ is back on Xbox Live”

  1. matt818 says:

    I deleted it AND 24 hours of gameplay saves and still FREEZES!!!

  2. big boi says:

    i got that prob 2

  3. jackie says:

    I haven’t had that problem yet. Did you delete the old version? Anyone else have the same prob?

  4. Nick says:

    i’m also having the same problem lonewanderer and its pissing me off. can anyone help? any ideas?

  5. lonewanderer says:

    i downloaded the revised DLC and the game still freezes; after i finish talking to the runaway slave, and right before i reach the train tunnel. anyone else having the same problem?

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