Big Blu-ray sale at Amazon

Amazon is having a big sale on Blu-ray discs right now. You can get select discs at up to 50% off until January 4th. In fact, according to Amazon’s list, several choice titles are marked down more than 50%. Those titles include Reservoir Dogs – 15th Anniversary (58% off), Crash (65% off), March of the Penguins (55% off), and Shinobi – Heart Under Blade (60% off).

Other great titles on sale until Jan. 4th include The Nightmare Before Christmas + Digital Copy (43% off), Pan’s Labyrinth (47% off), and The Thing (45% off). Today’s Blu-ray releases (also on sale at Amazon but not part of the promotion) include the following titles: Eagle Eye, Resident Evil: Degeneration, The Duchess and Ghost Town.

Here is the list of Blu-ray discs offered in the 50% off promotion:

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