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FiOS TV approved for Maynard, MA

Fiber-optic television provider Verizon has been approved for delivering television services in the Maynard, Mass. area. Verizon was granted the cable franchise last Tuesday, and is now one step away from offering all-digital programming including 100 HD channels to Maynard residents.

“As a result of this new franchise, consumers in Maynard will be able to choose their cable provider as easily as they choose their phone company,” said Cupelo. “Competition drives innovation, value and service quality, and it puts the consumer in control.”

Verizon now offers its FIOS TV service to 86 local communities in Massachusetts. Along with 100 high-definition channels and hundreds of standard-definition channels, FiOS also delivers over 11,000 VOD titles which customers can choose from at any time. 8,500 of those VOD titles are free-of-charge.


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