New 1080p Vizio LCDs come in Java

Four new Vizio HDTV models available this month boast 1080p resolution in smaller 32″ and 37″ sizes. The four new models have a contrast ratio of 6500:1 and 6.5ms refresh rates. Two of the new models, the VOJ320F (32″) and VOJ370F (37″) are geared towards home decor and come in a “Java” color.

All four of the new Vizio models provide three HDMI v1.3 inputs, with two on the rear panel and the third on the side HD Game port. The HD Game Port was built for quick connections to game consoles and HD camcorders. Analog video inputs are provided on the rear and side panels including component video, VGA, composite and S-Video.

For audio the Vizio panels incorporate SRS Lab’s TruSurround XT with output to just two internal speakers. Vizio says the audio process “creates a 3D wall of sound” and “lifts dialog out of the chaos of sound.”

Here are the Vizio MSRPs:

VOJ370F 37″ FHD LCD         $ 849.99
VOJ320F 32″ FHD LCD         $ 649.99
VO37LF 37″ FHD LCD          $ 849.99
VO32LF 32″ FHD LCD          $ 649.99

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3 Replies to “New 1080p Vizio LCDs come in Java”

  1. Elena B. says:

    think the brown is a midwest thing :)

  2. Millertime says:

    What’s with the brown? I’m all for the mid-size 1080p, but I don’t get the color-thing?

  3. Ari says:

    Nice, at that price I can have one for every room in the house!

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