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Digital transition to give RCN customers 75 HD channels

RCN Corporation announced it is converting all their broadcasts in the Washington D.C. area to digital, freeing up all the bandwidth analog has been using to allow for additional Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) channels. The transition will allow up to ten SD channels or three HD channels per analog channel. RCN’s new HD lineup will consist of 75 HD channels.

RCN General Manager Don Channell said, “Our move to an all-digital network enables some exciting changes, such as us expanding our basic lineup, adding 45 digital music channels, providing 100 percent digital clarity and a state-of-the-art interactive program guide with parental controls and more.”

RCN refers to the their dramatic improvement in television service as “Project Analog Crush.” The project has already been initiated in the company’s Boston, Chicago, New York City and Philadelphia markets. In addition to the addition of standard and HD channels, the company will be increasing the number of HD VOD titles it has to offer.


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