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Spike to run ‘Star Wars’ in HD on Tuesdays

Spike TV will run the final three chapters of the Star Wars saga in HD on sequential Tuesdays this September. If you missed the complete saga broadcast back in June, this will be a great time to catch the original classics in high-definition. The Star Wars movies are yet to be released or announced on Blu-ray Disc.

Episode IV: A New Hope will run on September 2 at 9pm ET. Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back will be broadcast on September 9 at 9pm ET. And finally, Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi will run on September 16 at 9pm ET.

Other September HD broadcasts from Spike TV include UFC Fight Night Live (HD), The Ultimate Fighter: Team Nogueira Vs. Team Mir (HD), and Manswers – Season 2 (HD), all premiering on Wednesday, September 17. Spike TV normally runs CSI and CSI: NY episodes in hi-def. The network has a CSI marathon planned for Labor Day weekend.


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