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‘Too Human’ released for Xbox 360

Too Human was released for Xbox 360 today. The third-person action game puts you in the role of Baldur, the cybernetic son of Odin. It is his duty to protect humans from a rising ancient machine presence set on ending human life. The game can be played individually or cooperatively on Xbox LIVE with Gold Membership.

The game is set in Norse mythology, and many characters appear like Thor, Loki, and of course Odin. There are five classes available that include Bioengineer, Commando, Champion, Defender and Berserker. Players engage in melee and firearms combat as well as role-playing elements.

The role-playing elements of Too Human include the story, classes, weapons selection, armor, cybernetics, skill tree progression and item hunting. The game has 15 weapon classes which include two-handed swords, polearms, hammers, pistols, rifles, staves, lasers, and dual wielded one-handed swords.

Too Human, produced by Canadian developer Silicon Knights, is the first installment in what is planned on being a trilogy. A demo game was released on July 14, which allowed you to take on two classes, although a glitch in the demo allowed play in other classes.

Too Human is rated “T” for teen and retails for $59.99.


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