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Amateur Xbox Live developers sought

Microsoft is calling on Xbox Live developers to create Xbox 360 games and upload them onto the site. Developers can make money off the games when purchased, up to 70% of the sales revenue. Most games will sell between $2.50 and $10 which is based on a point system per game.

Is this the next step in user-contributed content? Sites like Revver and Facebook are now “giving back” to users by paying them for their content or by offering users advertising opportunities. The Xbox Live opportunity takes the business model to the next level. A successful game could potentially turn into a career opportunity.

There is also a contest to build a groundbreaking game for the Xbox 360 system. $75,000 in prizes will be given out, as well as an Xbox Live publishing contract. The games can be created by teams of up to 7 people.

The XNA Creator’s Club offers tutorials, samples, and guides to video game creation. Microsoft also offers a 3d game creation tutorial. You can take that tutorial here.

The Community Games channel will launch this Fall in the United States, Canada and in some European locations.

Of course you will need a Premium membership to Xbox Live to take part in the promotion which runs $99 a year or $49 for 4 months.


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