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Surviving in high-definition

The CBS hit show “Survivor” will be shot and broadcast in high-definition next season, that according to an announcement at the National Association of Broadcasters convention on Sunday. The upgrade finally arriving for their 17th season is long overdue.

Why “Survivor” wasn’t the first prime-time show to go HD is hard to understand. Given the exotic locales and usually attractive cast members (many of the contestants have gone on to further projects in television and film, it would seem like the perfect showcase for high definition. Other shows such as ABC’s “LOST” undoubtedly gain more viewership through pure production quality.

“The Amazing Race“, another hit show from CBS is still a standard-definition production which would clearly reap the benefits of a high-definition production.

Given the price and portability of high-definition cameras and equipment these days, there can’t be any excuse for NOT upgrading to HD. Although given the amount of cameras and remote production suites that need to be in place for a show like “Survivor”, it may have been an investment the studios were not ready to make.

Other shows expected to begin high-definition productions this Fall are “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and “Cops.”


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