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Looking for BIO Channel? It’s now FYI.

If you’ve been looking around for BIO channel you may have already noticed it’s been re-branded as FYI. The A+E Networks-owned channel switched from BIO to FYI as of July 7, with a change to more lifestyle-focused programming. FYI’s lineup consists of shows such as “Married at First Site,” a brand new reality show that pairs unknowing couples; the makeover series “Born to Style” beginning on July 15; and the Las Vegas-based “World Food Championships” series premiering tonight, July 10. “American Eats,” “Kitchen Nightmares,” and “Wife Swap” are among other shows airing on FYI.

A+E Networks President and CEO Nancy Dubuc said last year of the rebrand, “FYI will be an upscale network with a younger and more modern sensibility than what we’ve seen on traditional lifestyle networks.”

You can find FYI on Dish Network channel 119 (HD/SD), DirecTV 266 (HD/SD), AT&T U-verse 1272 (HD), Verizon FiOS 629 (HD), and on most cable TV providers (check your local guide listings.)

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  1. The Bio…or Biography was a great channel. Very interesting learning the life and times of various important famous people. The top 100 most influential people in history is far more interesting than the the top 10 ways to fix an omelette on this replacement channel FYI.

  2. The Bio channel was a good channel, I would pay more for the channel to be in my line-up. FYI is just another junk programming channel. I agree with everyone here how bad FYI really is. The worse decision ever made to change BIO. complete failure. Bring back BIO. PLEASE!

  3. I was searching for the BIO channel hoping to watch some biographies and some intelligent t.v. To my surprise I find it’s been changed to FYI, they said this is more lifestyle, UPSCALE viewing, really? Is this supposed to be a joke?? Married AT First Sight is upscale? LOL If we want to watch kitchen crap we’ll watch the Food Channel, if we want to watch reality we will watch Bravo. The BIO channel was upscale and intelligent viewing. Who ever’s job it was to be in charge of this re-branding of the channel has done a terrible job, it’s a total FAIL. Who are these people that get these jobs and don’t know what the heck they’re doing and making big money for it?? I sure wish I could hold this position because if the execs wanted an upscale channel I sure could of came up with better programming than this crap on FYI!

  4. Since the Bio channel changed to the FYI channel, when you go to the Guide on Time Warner, no programming shows. It just says FYI on all the hours. I like to watch the channel, but I don’t know what’s playing when because there is no information on the guide.

  5. BIO to fyi, ???
    What a joke.
    BIO was a fairly good channel. Honestly this fyi, is so awful, I would rather shut off the TV.

  6. Hate it! Kitchen nightmares? wife swap? food factory? WORLD FOOD CHAMPIONSHIPS? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This lineup is boring and horrible. What a snooze fest! Married at First Sight is no more exciting than Honey Boo-Boo. More sophisticated? I’m in shock. What happened to intelligent programming? This is ridiculous….. Talk about running out of material!


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