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Style Network viewers enraged over Esquire switch


On Monday, Sept. 23, television viewers who tuned-in to what they thought would be the women-focused Style Network found the exact opposite; the channel had been replaced by Esquire Network with programming directed towards a male audience. Style Network,  in its 15th year of broadcasting, ended in the U.S. on September 22 at 2 am ET with a repeat of the season finale of the reality show “Tia & Tamera.”

Style viewers weren’t given much of a heads up about the switch to Esquire, except for a farewell spot that starting running on the network in the middle of last week.

Viewers unaware of the upcoming change haven’t welcomed Esquire Network with open arms, instead, posting comments all over the web including on our own article such as “Beyond Pissed,” “I want my style back,” and “This Suks.” One comment even calls Esquire “the network nobody asked for or wanted!”

The future of most of the shows formerly airing on Style is still uncertain, but some of the shows may move to related networks Bravo, E!, or Oxygen. However, some programming from Style Network still plays on Esquire such as late night reruns of “Sex and the City.”

For now, Style shows such as “Giuliana & Bill,” “Big Rich Texas,” “Tia & Tamera,” “Jerseylicious,” and “‎Made in Chelsea” remain in a episodic limbo, waiting to find a home on a suitable network.

Esquire Network is owned by NBCUniversal and Esquire Magazine.

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  1. Esquire is trash- All I see on my guide for this channel are episodes of Chef Roblé (should be on food network) and Burn Notice (already had a channel). Why replace Style, a channel that made a name for itself, to, “new programming,” that had a possible designated place elsewhere? What logic is behind this?

    I would like to channel my anger into a nonsensical assumption that some disgruntled men with network power allowed this takeover to happen. I hope the ratings are nonexistent and this decision blows up in their faces. Bye.

  2. I’m so pissed I even called dish tonight looking for my style I want to watch my Tia & Tamera show! Well at least I can watch Instant Mom, if they don’t take that channel away from me.

  3. -_____- I heard “The New Esquire Network” mentioned the other day but I didn’t realize until just now tht it took the spot of Style, I’m highly upset, especially about Tia & Tamera I hope they get new seasons. I watched Giuliana & Bill, Big Rich Texas, & Jerseylicious occasionally but didn’t a new Jerseylicious season supposedly just start?

  4. I am so NOT HAPPY about this stupid Esquire station on instead of my beloved Style station. Make Esquire go away and it will all seem like a very bad nightmare, when we awaken Style will be back.

  5. Say What!!!! Did yall just take off a positive show like Tia & Tamara only to have us watch ghetto s*$%!t like House wives and all of the other fighting shows… I mean the whole network is gone!… how dare you! I will not watch this network only because yall gave everybody the boot and put crap on in its place.. the internet can a make you or brake you… let the boycott begin!!!!!!!!


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