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Broadcom provides HD set-top chips to China

broadcomIn anticipation of the next Olympics to be held in Beijing, Broadcom and Coship Electronics have partnered on providing the first commercially available high definition set-top box for China. The set-top box (STB) will support 1080p and interactive services such as VOD.


The set-top box is being manufactured by Coship, with Broadcom providing the chip and software solution known as “system-on-a-chip” or “SoC”. The STB models being produced (N8603 and N8606) are multi-format with DVR and interactive features. The N8603 will provide networked personal video recording (PVR) functionality.

Anty Zheng, Vice President of In-Stat China said, “It is estimated that approximately 14 million Chinese digital cable set-top boxes were shipped in 2007, and shipments are expected to reach 17.6 million units in 2012”.


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