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PS3 gets a bad wrap…but really the best deal

PS3 is always getting dogged for costing $600, but it still remains the best deal if you break it down.

It’s like that all over… everyone is bashing the PS3 because it
costs $600! Stupid, because Xbox ain’t cheap either… $400.

Then add $200 if you want HD-DVD, + $100 for the wifi adapter, +
$50/year to play games online, + $$$ to replace the battery in the controller, etc. Xbox ends up costing MORE in the long run. Microsoft is nickel & diming people, yet PS3 gets a bad rap… go figure.

They are both about equal on graphics and 95% of the games in
2007 will be for BOTH platforms. If you ask me, PS3 is a way better deal out of the box. And, as more online games are developed the PS3 will look better being free than having to pay subscription.

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