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LG Blu-ray/HD DVD combo player missing HD DVD logo

So if you missed the last blog where I discussed the premature release of the LG BH100 hybrid Blu-ray/HD DVD player, you may have spotted the large Blu-ray logo on the top of the machine.
So why would a hybrid Blu-ray/HD DVD player have the Blu-ray logo and not the HD DVD logo? The reason is that while the player will play HD DVD discs, it will not be able to utilize the HDi layer responsible for interactive features.
Without the HDi capabilities, the discs will not be able to utilize so features as network connections, bookmarks, downloading, or most importantly picture-in-picture support.
For these reasons, Toshiba/Microsoft did not allow LG to use the HD DVD logo. This is understandable. If you purchased this player you would get all the interactive features on Blu-ray discs, but not HD DVD discs. This would make Blu-ray look like the more favorable format, when in fact HD DVD does have competitive features.
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