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Discounted 1080p monitors missing the point

Vizio just recently distributed a 47″ 1080p flat panel (GV47LF)at a groundbreaking price, just $1899, and others are following, including a 42″ 1080p from Microtek(L42CX2A) that will go for $1899.

But isn’t it the point of hi def to get the best possible quality? Isn’t it the point of building a home theatre, to get a screen that looks as good or better than the cinema?

To be fair, not everyone can afford a Pioneer Elite, that’s just out of the question for a lot of HD enthusiasts. But look at what the big guys are offering: Sharp, Samsung, Panasonic…the quality is supurb. For a few more bucks you can get really close to the Elite.

Warning: Don’t go looking at Elites and than look over at the lesser brands because the Pioneers are too much. In fact, I suggest that if you can’t afford an Elite never look at one!

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