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Delay on Blu-ray player – uh ohh

Sony who is way behind in getting players on the shelf has announced that they will delay getting their BDP-S1 DVD distributed. According to toptechnews.com Sony is favoring the release of Playstation 3. Favoring? What do you mean favoring? Is there not enough room on the trucks? Apparently there is a shortage of the blue laser diodes that are used in the players. What is a blue laser diode? Don’t ask me. But the good news is that they will have use all the blue laser diodes they have to manufacture the PS3.

This is a smart move by Sony if you ask me. The high priced BDP-S1 will not sell as many units as PS3. In fact, I would be suprised if the Blu-ray player sold 1% of how many Playstations will sell. Everyone I know wants to buy the new Playstation. (For those of you who don’t know, the new Playstation 3 will PLAY Blu-ray Disc) So, for $599 you will have an incredible game station AS WELL AS a Blu-ray disc player at full 1080p.

Sony, I know teenagers and adults who can’t afford to fix their cars but they insist they will be getting a Playstation 3 at whatever cost. The 400,000 planned units will be sold before the stores even get a chance to turn their lights on. The 1 million units expected to be sold by the end of the holiday season will also barely put a dent in the demand.

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