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TiVo may be bought by Rovi Corp

  Rovi Corporation may be looking to purchase set-top-box maker TiVo, the New York Times reported today, although neither company would comment on the situation. If there were...

Netflix conquers cable through TiVo

There were expectations earlier this week that Netflix would be bringing its services to cable. This morning the company reached another milestone by offering...

TiVo Mini now shipping to retailers, but falls flat

Want to extend your TiVo service to additional rooms? Today the company officially announced the TiVo Mini, a palm-sized device that lets you extend...

DIRECTV TiVo service now available nationwide

Last December, DIRECTV made the TiVo HD DVR available in 10 large markets across the U.S. including Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago. Now, the service is available nationwide to DIRECTV customers who may want to switch from their current DVR and "upgrade" to the TiVo HD DVR.

DIRECTV now offering TiVo HD DVR

It's been a few years in the making but DIRECTV is now offering TiVo HD DVRs to customers in 10 large markets (see full list below). The TiVo DVR will cost an extra $5 per month for a TiVo service (on top of a $7 DVR fee, and $10 HD upcharge).

Charter rolling out TiVo Premiere in Texas

Charter Communications has started rolling out TiVo Premiere to customers Texas, to be completed the first half of 2012, the company said. TiVo Premiere...

Charter signs deal with TiVo

Charter Communications and TiVo have signed a multi-year agreement to provide the TiVo Premiere set-top box for subscribers. The Premiere will hold 45 hours...

TV Everywhere Leaves VOD Nowhere

With Comcast and Time-Warner now moving forward with video paywalls, are the cable companies doing what Hollywood and the music industry couldn't do? Profit from the Internet... by forcing viewers to keep their cable subscriptions? That reality is coming sooner than you think.

TiVo adds podcast channels and video publishing

TiVo has added the ability of video podcasts and RSS feeds to publish directly to a TiVo DVR, including the TiVo Series3, TiVo HD...

TiVo HD box to replace Comcast digital adapter

In a company report released last week, TiVo said Comcast will offer the TiVo HD retail box "as an alternative to a digital adapter...