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PlayStation, Xbox, Switch: Which is Most Consumer Friendly?

Being a consumer-friendly console means about what you think it means. A consumer-friendly console is one that sports features designed to consider the needs...

Is The Switch Nintendo’s Best Designed Console Ever?

Picture this. You own a company that makes a product. Doesn't matter what product. You're currently a distant third in your marketplace. You're not in last place because...

Three Lessons The Nintendo Switch Has Taught to the World

A recent report revealed that the Nintendo Switch was the best-selling console fo August - in the United States - and has been the...

The Switch’s Lack of Virtual Console is Still Concerning

Today, Nintendo released two new games for the Wii U's Virtual Console retro game service. The games, Bok 3 and Devil's Crush, aren't exactly...

The Nintendo Switch Shortage is Officially Embarrassing

Congratulations Nintendo, you just won E3. Against all odds, Nintendo stole the show from one major studio who was debuting a new console and another...

Has The Nintendo Switch Killed Handheld Gaming?

Don't look now, but the Nintendo Switch is rapidly becoming a must-have console. While some thought that the Nintendo Switch might be successful, the general...

Should Microsoft and Sony Invest in Portable Consoles?

What is the last handheld gaming device you owned? Statistically, the most popular answer to that question would be either the Nintendo DS or something...

The Nintendo Switch Launch Might Be An All-Time Great

Early this week, rumors began to leak that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is not going to be finished by the...

Report: Nintendo Switch Price and Release Date Revealed

Nintendo may have officially revealed the Switch console but, as we noted before, we still don't know that much about it. While the full details...

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