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Warner Bros. finds Suicide Squad 2 director & writer

It had been months that Warner Bros. was searching for the right director and writer to take on Suicide Squad 2, but they found...

Suicide Squad, Miss Peregrine, & Other New Blu-ray Releases Today

This week DC Comics' Suicide Squad tops the new Blu-ray releases with an Extended Edition of the film. Warner Bros. has put together several...

‘Suicide Squad Extended Cut’ Released To Digital HD & 4k UHD

The DC Comics/Warner Bros. blockbuster Suicide Squad has been released to digital formats one week earlier than Blu-ray Disc and On Demand, and what's more the digital...

‘Suicide Squad’ Will Release To Exclusive Blu-ray Editions

When Warner Bros. releases Suicide Squad to Blu-ray Disc on December 13th, retailers including Amazon, Best Buy, and Target will also carry their own exclusive...

‘Suicide Squad’ Blu-ray Release Date, Pricing & Bonus Details

The release of Suicide Squad is leading up to be one of the biggest home media dates of the year, scheduled for disc release on...

Suicide Squad Blu-ray & 4k Ultra HD Blu-ray Available For Pre-order

Suicide Squad was one of the hottest film releases this summer, and even given the bad reviews the film raked in over $135M opening weekend...

‘Suicide Squad’ Crushes Box Office Making $135.1 Million

Amidst harsh words from critics Warner Bros.' Suicide Squad crushed the box office numbers with a $135.1 million weekend draw in the US. Internationally, the film...

Suicide Squad ‘Blitz Trailer’ Released by Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. Pictures' YouTube channel is getting slammed with views, after releasing the first teaser trailer for the Harry Potter spinoff Fantastic Beasts and...