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Are Cloud Servers the Future of Video Game Retail?

Capcom surprised everyone recently by revealing that they are releasing Resident Evil 7 on Nintendo Switch. That news wasn't too shocking on its own...

“Free” is the Future of Video Game Marketing

Earlier this year, Cacpom shocked the world by releasing a releasing a free demo of Resident Evil 7. That sounds like an odd statement, doesn't...

Blu-ray Deal: The Resident Evil Collection just $41.49

Here’s a great deal on a boxed set from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Amazon has got the The Resident Evil Collection on Blu-ray Disc...

‘Resident Evil’ Blu-rays all 50% off

If you're looking for a deal on Resident Evil films, look no further as Amazon has got the 'High-Definition Trilogy' on Blu-ray Disc for...

Trailer for Resident Evil: Afterlife teases Cameron’s 3D system

Sony Pictures has released a trailer for the first Resident Evil film to be presented in 3D, using the James Cameron/Vince Pace Fusion Camera...