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‘BBC Natural History Collection’ & ‘The Universe Megaset’ on sale

Were you a subpar student? Too busy focusing on Suzy Johnson's legs in the 10th grade to muster up more than a C- in Biology? This week's Blu-ray Deal of the Week at Amazon features two sets of documentaries that will not only look darn good on your display, they'll also learn ya real good like. Now through April 28 save over 50% on both the BBC Natural History Collection ($62.99) and The Universe Megaset ($58.99). The BBC offering includes Planet Earth: Special Edition, Galapagos, Ganges, and Wild China. The Universe set contains 16 discs, including The Universe: 7 Wonders of the Solar System in 3D.

Warner to release Planet Earth Special Editions

I've got Planet Earth on both HD DVD and Blu-ray, and already considering the upcoming Special & Limited Editions from Warner scheduled to hit shelves October 4th. The Limited Edition comes packaged in, get this, an earth globe that opens to reveal 6 Blu-ray Discs as well as 4 exclusive art cards. The Limited Edition globe will list for $99 MSRP.

Blu-ray Picks of the Week for June 1st

So, Disney decided to remake a classic... and sure it's their own property (essentially), but did we really need a CGIcandy-colored update of Lewis Carroll's classic tale of a girl on a wild trip through the looking glass? And is it any better than the their own animated film from 1951?

What Blu-ray box set should be deal of the day?

Amazon is running a poll to determine a winner to be the Blu-ray box-set Deal of the Day. The BD collection with the most...

Download Episode 1 of Planet Earth free on iTunes [EXPIRED]

In celebration of Earth Day the BBC is offering a free download of episode 1 of the Planet Earth series in HD on iTunes....

BBC’s LIFE to premiere on Discovery Channel HD

LIFE, the BBC's follow up to the hugely popular Planet Earth series, will be broadcast over 11 episodes in HD starting Sunday, March 21,...

Hi-def Blu-ray release date set for BBC’s LIFE

The much anticipated LIFE series from the BBC and Discovery Channel will release on hi-def Blu-ray and DVD June 1, 2010. The series documents...

Blu-ray Review: Planet Earth: The Complete Collection

Planet Earth: The Complete Collection (BBC) (Blu-ray) Featuring: Original narration by Sir David Attenborough Folks, I’ll put it plain and simple: THIS IS WHAT HIGH DEFINITION...

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