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How Can Game Studios Protect Your Digital Games?

Recently, developer Remedy confirmed that their cult classic 2010 horror game Alan Wake will no longer be available for purchase through any digital retail...

Alan Wake DLC Episodes Priced & Detailed

Alan Wake, the Xbox 360 exclusive developed by Remedy that hit stores in May, left many fans hungry for more after completing the game’s...

Best Buy to take in-store video game trade-ins

Late this summer, gamers will be able to bring their previously owned games into Best Buy stores and trade them immediately for gift cards....

Alan Wake Is An Original Thriller For The Xbox 360

Alan Wake was released exclusively for the Xbox 360 this week, a game over five years in the making. Billed as a “psychological action...

‘Alan Wake’ live-action prequel to hit Xbox Live on April 25th

Microsoft's prequel miniseries launches on Xbox Live in two days!

News from Microsoft’s X10 event

There have been a lot of exciting reports coming out of Microsoft's X10 gaming event over the last few days. What follows is a...

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