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YouTube Rolls Out Precise Scrolling On Internet Browsers

YouTube is rolling out a new feature that allows users to scroll more precisely through videos viewed in internet browsers. On desktops and laptops, simply click anywhere on the timeline (the thin horizontal line that turns red after viewing) and drag upwards.

The drag reveals a larger timeline with thumbnails, much like a video editor, that displays the current image in lower resolution in the full-view player window.

You don’t have to be a Premium YouTube subscriber to use the feature.

The YouTube app for iOS and Android is similar in the way that a small thumbnail appears above the timeline when tapped on, but does not display a string of thumbnails like in browsers. Due to the amount of space on a smaller screen, YouTube may stick with the current scrolling method for the time being.

Try the new “precise scrolling” feature on this Official Trailer for Willow, coming to Disney+ on November 30th.

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