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New HBO Max Movies & Shows Video Quality Scores

hbomax-just-added-titlesWith Wonder Woman 1984 no longer on HBO Max, there are only two films (as of Feb. 6, 2021) that offer 4k/HDR resolution: Wonder Woman (2017) and The Little Things (2021). The rest of HBO Max’s library will only stream in HD at best. (See our ongoing List of 4k Titles on HBO Max.)

That could all change this year as HBO Max rolls out 4k to more titles. We’re looking forward to eight seasons of Game of Thrones, the Limited Series Chernobyl, and three seasons of Westworld (already available on 4k Blu-ray), but especially shows that have not been released to Ultra HD Blu-ray such as His Dark Materials and the upcoming disc release of Lovecraft Country. HBO Max has also announced a slate of movies that will be premiere on the streaming service well as in theaters.

Unfortunately, what HBO Max says is HD is not always what you might expect it to be. We took a look at a couple dozen newly-added movies and shows on HBO Max and given the “HD” quality a score of Poor, Good, or Excellent. Please note these scores are subjective but relative to other titles streaming on HBO Max (ergo, we are not comparing to 4k on Netflix or Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs).

HBO Max Streaming Quality

Title Video Audio Score Category Genre Comments
12 0z. Mouse HD Poor Series Comedy It is animated though.
30 Coins “30 Monedas” [Spanish] HD 5.1 Excellent Series Drama If you can stand subtitles this is an addicting series.
Aquaman (2018) HD 5.1 Good Film Action Not super sharp but wide color range
Arhur’s Law “Arthurs Gesetz” [German] HD 5.1 Good Series Drama A weird color palette and cool cinematography highlight this dark drama.
Babylon 5 HD Poor Series Sci-Fi Man this needs remastering
Batman Beyond HD Good Series Action
Batman The Animated Series HD Good Series Action Doesn’t look quite as good as Batman Beyond but decent.
C.B. Strike HD Good Series Drama
Check It Out! With Dr. Steve Brule HD 5.1 Poor Series Comedy Almost unwatchable on a big screen.
Codename: Kids Next Door HD Good Series Comedy
Earwig and the Witch HD 5.1 Excellent Series Animated High quality animation from Studio Ghibli
Fake Famous HD 5.1 Good Film Documentary Not horrible quality for a doc.
In Other Words (2020) HD 5.1 Good Film Romance
Introducing Dorothy Dandridge (1999) HD 5.1 Good Film Drama
Safe House (2012) HD 5.1 Poor Film Thriller Color grade makes film look 50 years old, black levels crunched to death
The Graduate (1967) HD 5.1 Good Film Drama Criterion Collection title that could be better in digital
The Head HD 5.1 Good Series Drama
The Little Things (2021) 4k/HDR Atmos Excellent Film Drama Great looking and sounding film
The Mummy (1999) HD 5.1 Poor Film Action This digital presentation has a lot to be desired
The Shining (1980) HD 5.1 Good Film Horror Image does not always look good. Audio OK.
Tiger HD 5.1 Excellent Series Documentary Excellent quality from newly shot footage.
Tinker Tailer Soldier Spy (2011) HD 5.1 Good Film Drama
Up in the Air (2009) HD 5.1 Good Film Drama Video a little mushy at times but overall not bad HD
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