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YouTube app for Android TV adds ‘Limited’ 4k support

youtube-app-android-tv-installed-greyThe latest update to the YouTube app for Android TV has added “limited” support for 8k on Android 10 and higher devices. What “limited” exactly means we’re not so sure of, but it’s promising to see 8k support from YouTube considering 8k TVs have been in the consumer market for few years now.

The app also adds Cast Connect to YouTube for Android TV:

Cast Connect builds on top of the Cast infrastructure, with your Android TV app acting as a receiver. The Cast Connect library allows your Android TV app to receive messages and broadcast media status, as if it were a Chromecast.

And, other updates include improved resolution choices, the ability to display the YouTube Music splash screen, and date/time issues.

These updates come with Version 2.12.08 of the app uploaded to the Google Play Store on November 23, 2020.

Updates to YouTube for Android TV App

• Display YouTube Music splash screen
• Cast Connect support
• Limited 8K support to Android 10 and up
• Improved resolution selection
• Fixed incorrect date and time issues
• Various other platform improvements

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