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Netflix Text Message Scam Claims Your Billing Failed

netfix scam text messageA new text message scam has been rolling out claiming that unsuspecting cellphone users have not paid their Netflix bills.

The blind, SMiShing (SMS Text Phishing) messages are likely to get a lot of hits considering the number of subscribers Netflix serves.

This is a scam and YOU SHOULD NOT click on the website URL.

Our advice is to always take note of the URL any suspecting email, webpage, or text message attempts to connect you to. A website will either have an https:// or http:// leading string followed by a domain name.

Scam URLs may use the name of a legitimate company in the domain or subdomain to trick users.

For example, in this particular Netflix scam the URL begins with “https://fail.billnetflix…” (we’ve omitted the rest of the string). Notice the “fail” (the subdomain) followed by “.billnetflix” to make it look real.

In a text message you should be able to see the URL it is trying to link you to. On a PC, however, you will need to hover over a link to see the URL at the bottom of a browser.

Since this type of Phishing campaign directs to a website URL, we suggest making sure you have a secure browser running. There are some tips on the US Cyber & Infrastructure website. (Don’t worry, it’s not a scam!)


  1. I never click on those things, but did today becuz my daughter said she got Netflix free. I should have checked it out first! Can I fix this?


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