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Those Expired Digital Movie Codes May Not Be Expired

jurassic-world-3d-blu-ray-ultraviolet-cropDigital movie retailers may not want us telling you this, but many of those “expired” digital codes may still work if you try to redeem them through services like iTunes and Vudu.

On the other hand, why wouldn’t those retailers want you to spend more time on their platform? Honor the digital code and those faithful customers may end up buying and renting more movies!

We were going through a bunch of old 4k Blu-ray and Blu-ray combo editions and found quite a few codes that were expired. The codes were entered through either Movies Anywhere or on specific platforms and to our surprise most of them worked.

So, before throwing away those inserts or thinking that if the code was already redeemed with the now-defunct UltraViolet or another service that it can’t be used anywhere else, think again. You might be surprised how many digital movies you can add to your collection from those shelved Blu-ray combos that are just collecting dust. Here are some movies and TV series that were thought to be lost in the digital graveyard but have been unearthed.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back on UHD BD had an expiration date of 1/31/2019 but we successfully just redeemed it on iTunes.

The code with DeadPool on UHD BD expired 5/10/19 but we were able to redeem with Movies Anywhere (not iTunes), although only in HD even though the disc purchased was 4k Blu-ray.

Interstellar was previously redeemed with UltraViolet through Vudu, but even after the expiration date redeemed again through iTunes.

Jurassic World (which came out in 2015) was successfully redeemed on iTunes. And, even though the code was from a Blu-ray release (4k BD wasn’t around then) the movie converts to 4k/HDR10 on iTunes with SDH and AD (but just Dolby 5.1 audio).

The Knick Seasons 1 & 2 were previously redeemed with UltraViolet using Vudu, but we found the digital codes also worked on iTunes even after the expiration date.

Sometimes you can even use a code from an older Blu-ray disc that included a downloadable digital copy. For example, Star Trek (2009) on Blu-ray came with a code that was supposed to be copied from a Digital Copy Disc inserted into a PC hard drive. However, the code also worked with iTunes.

By the way, there have been quite a few older Blu-ray titles that did not indicate Digital Copy on the case insert but do include code inserts inside. Those cases may be worth opening just to check.

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