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Space: 1999 – The Complete Series releasing to 13-Disc Blu-ray Boxed Set

Space: 1999 – The Complete Series 
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Think about the concept for the TV show Space: 1999 for a second. A nuclear waste dump on the Moon explodes and sends it hurtling out of the Earth’s orbit along with 311 inhabitants of the Moonbase Alpha colony. It’s a great base concept created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson known for the series Thunderbirds that ran a decade earlier, pioneering the process of Supermarionation that strove to make more realistic puppet animation.

But Space: 1999 is live-action, and features a well-known cast including Martin Landau, Barbara Bain and Barry Morse. The two seasons that originally aired on ITV from 1975 to 1977 consist of a total of 24 episodes averaging 60 minutes each (although several episodes run 50 minutes).

Shout! Factory has created a 13-disc edition of Space: 1999 – The Complete Series with a total run-time of 39.5 hours on Region A Blu-ray discs. The episodes are presented 1.33:1 aspect ratio in upgraded 1080p resolution. And, subtitles are finally available in English.

Bonus Materials

  • Mission To Moonbase Alpha – Interview with actress Barbara Bain NEW
  • Into the Uncertain Future – Interview with actor Nick Tate NEW
  • Brain Behind the Destruction – Interview with director Kevin Connor NEW
  • Moonbase Merch – Tour of Space: 1999 Ephemera with author John Muir NEW
  • Audio Commentaries NEW
  • Vintage Interviews
  • Promotional Materials
  • Featurettes
  • & More

The boxed set is selling for $65.99 on Amazon (List: $109.99) and $109.99 on Shout! Factory.

Customers who order directly from Shout! Factory are eligible to receive a snow globe of the Eagle Transporter landing on the Moon. The Limited Edition with globe is only the first 500 customers but Shout! hasn’t indicated whether or not it’s sold out. A DVD version (without globe) is selling for $55.97 (List: $69.97).

Space 1999 The Complete Series Blu-ray package open
Space 1999 The Complete Series on Blu-ray with limited edition globe (only available through Shout! to first 500 customers)

The Complete Series of Space: 1999 was previously released to a Region B/2 edition a couple of years ago in a 10-disc edition from Network, but as you know the discs are useless here in North America without a multi-regional BD player.

Region B bonus materials which include 5.1 remixed audio tracks, original mono track broadcasts, commentary from Gerry Anderson on Breakaway and Dragon’s Domain episodes, unfinished generic textless opening titles, and more. (See below for Region B extras).

Region B Bonus Material (Not Confirmed for Region A)

  • Newly remixed 5.1 tracks
  • Music-only tracks on most episodes
  • Original ‘as broadcast’ mono track
  • Gerry Anderson commentary on Breakaway and Dragon’s Domain
  • Text episode commentaries on The Last Sunset and Space Brain
  • Image galleries of rare and previously unseen stills
  • Unfinished generic textless opening titles
  • Textless episode material (mute)
  • Textless end titles
  • Seed of Destruction series one version: a second-series episode presented in the style of the first series


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  1. Please do your homework and use a calculator. The series ran two seasons for a total of 48 episodes. Your article states 24, but how could this yield 39.5 hours unless each of the 24 episodes was roughly one hour and forty minutes? Season one episodes ran at 52 minutes while Season 2 episodes ran at 51 minutes.

    • Hans, sorry if this wasn’t clear. “The two seasons that originally aired on ITV from 1975 to 1977 consist of a total of 24 episodes averaging 60 minutes each” – this is meant to say each season had 24 episodes. Episode run times were referenced on IMDB.

      The total run time mentioned (39.5 hrs) was provided in the product description and takes into consideration the bonus material.

      Thank you for checking our work!


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