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‘Bumblebee’ Released to Digital SD/HD/UHD: Here’s Where To Buy

Paramount Picture's "Bumblebee"' (2018)
Paramount Picture’s “Bumblebee”‘ (2018)

Paramount Picture’s BumbleBee has been released early to digital formats two weeks ahead of the disc versions coming on April 2, 2019. The film can be purchased from popular digital retailers such as Amazon, Apple, FandangoNow and Vudu in Digital SD, HD or UHD (4k). To help you decide where to buy it, we’ve researched the most popular services to find what they offer and how much the film costs.


In Digital 4k BumbleBee features HDR with Dolby Vision and a Dolby Atmos soundtrack. We’ve confirmed iTunes, Google Play, FandangoNow and Vudu offer the film in 4k. However, the capability of playing Dolby Atmos audio depends on the service.

Oddly enough, the Microsoft Movies & TV store does not appear to be selling Bumblebee in 4k Ultra HD. What’s also not typical of a digital release is Movies Anywhere is not offering Bumblebee for sale. The studio that produced the movie, Paramount Pictures, is not a partner with Disney’s Movies Anywhere (see a list of partners here).

Bonus Material

Bonus material can include over 80-minutes of extras (check with the reseller of your choice to confirm), such as deleted and extended scenes, outtakes, “Bee Vision: The Transformers robots of Cybertron,” “Sector 7 Archive,” and the 5-part “Bringing Bumblebee to the Big Screen.”

Disc Editions

If you can wait two weeks, BumbleBee will be available on 4k Blu-ray and Blu-ray, as well as a SteelBook edition from Best Buy and Bumblebee/Transformers 6-Movie Pack. Each combo edition of Bumblebee from Paramount Home Media includes an extra disc (either Blu-ray or DVD) and digital copy (either Digital HD or UHD).


Here’s where you can buy BumbleBee in digital formats and what it costs. The cheapest place we’ve found to get the 4k version is from Apple iTunes where Digital HD and Digital 4k cost the same: $19.99.

  • Amazon Prime Video –$14.99 (SD) $19.99 (HD)
  • Apple iTunes – $14.99 (SD) $19.99 (HD/UHD) + iTunes Extras (over 80-minutes)
  • FandangoNow – $14.99 (SD) $19.99 (HD) $24.99 (UHD)
  • Google Play –$14.99 (SD) $19.99 (HD) $24.99 (UHD)
  • Microsoft Video –$14.99 (SD) $19.99 (HD) + 1 Bonus
  • Movies Anywhere
  • Vudu (Walmart) – $14.99 (SD) $19.99 (HD) $24.99 (UHD) + 6 Bonus Featurettes

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