Epix Premieres Their Own Streaming Movie Service

epix-now-logo-1280Epix has joined the already crowded market of streaming subscription channels and services with their own product called Epix Now.

The streaming service costs $5.99 per month with no long term commitment and gives subscribers access to the premium channel’s on-demand library of movies and TV series.

Upon launch the service is available through apps for Apple iOS and Google Android devices, with app channels coming soon for Roku and Amazon Fire TV. Until now, Epix was only available through a TV service or digital provider.

It doesn’t appear the service is available through browsers on Windows or Mac computers.

Epix is currently showing hit films like A Quiet Place, Basic Instinct, and Star Trek. The channel also offers original content such as the series Berlin Station and Deep State, as well as original documentaries and stand-up specials.

It’s worth noting the company has given the greenlight to a series based on Slate’s Slow Burn podcast series which has explored former President Clinton’s term including topics such as the Watergate scandal.

What about 4k? Epix currently offers Ultra HD resolution with select titles through Dish and T-Mobile’s Layer3 TV service, and Apple TV 4k running the EPIX app. The company says 4k will be offered soon through Epix Now.

Epix is offering a free 7-day trial of Epix Now for new subscribers.

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