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‘Gone Girl’ in Digital 4k just $5 bucks today

gone-girl-rosamund-pike-still-3David Fincher’s crime drama Gone Girl starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike is just $4.99 today in Digital 4k. The offer comes from 20th Century Fox and Apple where iTunes has discounted the film for a 24-hour period.

Is it a deal? Yes, in two different ways. The movie costs $14.99 from competing services like Amazon Video, Google Play, and Vudu, but they only offer the movie in HD (1080p) quality. So, you’re getting a 4k movie for a third of the price of an HD movie.

Apple’s iTunes version does not feature HDR (with either Dolby Vision or HDR10) but the 2160p format effectively increases the resolution by 4-times that of Full HD.

Gone Girl was nominated for an Oscar “Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role – Rosamund Pike”. And, with a soundtrack by NIN’s Trent Reznor and composer Atticus Ross the movie is even great just to listen to.

And, don’t forget Apple is a Movies Anywhere partner so the purchase with iTunes will likely get the title showing up on other services (albeit in HD).

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  1. I purchased this movie a while back. But for some reason it is not in 4K anymore. Anyone has that problem?

  2. I’m sure this all sounds great to a lot of people…however I actually work in the television business. As in production of broadcast television. The term “4K” is vague at best. I would also want to know at what data rate is iTunes sending me this movie? Data rate has a huge impact on fine detail and also on color. These movies are all being sent you as 8bit color files…This film by the way was shot on the RED at 6K Raw. That’s a ton of information. A lot of data. You’re not going to get anywhere near it if you stream this thing. And you can be pretty sure that all these services are sending you a signal that has been enormously “stepped on”…every tiny shred of data that can be removed probably has been…and what monitor are you going to watch it on? The science of 4K monitors is now well argued over…The best way to watch this great movie, by a great director, is off a normal 2K blu-ray disc (1920×1080 HD) on a decent HD screen. With a nearly 50Mbs data rate you’re going to get a far better image than any streamed or downloaded “4K” image from Apple or whoever…Streaming is nice but there are reasons why it works…one of them is the really really seriously low data rates.


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