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Peppermint won’t get 4k Blu-ray or Digital Release

Peppermint-Blu-ray-720pxLakeshore Entertainment’s action/thriller Peppermint starring Jennifer Garner won’t get the 4k treatment when it releases to disc and digital on Dec. 11. Maybe it’s because it wasn’t exactly a smash (although it did make $35M at the US office which was $10M above the estimated $25M budget), but likely because the film was shot with a non-4k camera (Arri Alexa Mini) and in ARRIRAW (2.8K) format.

Of course, that doesn’t mean the 2k resolution can’t be upscaled to 4k (they’ve been upscaling quite a few movies for UHD BD), but given the poor reviews both from critics and viewers alike this film may never make it to 4k. Toss in the weirdo poster art (Jennifer Garner with angel wings?), a story that lacks much originality, and a cast with no depth and you’ve got a film that probably shouldn’t have made as much as it did.

Saying the film will not be available in Digital 4k, however, is pure speculation. There have been times when digital services add a 4k UHD option right before or after release date. But we scanned the biggies (Amazon, Apple, Google, Vudu, etc.) and found no UHD versions available to pre-order.

In any case, if you like revenge films (Peppermint was headed by Taken-director Pierre Morel) and/or Jennifer Garner (who has built a following since starring in Alias) you should pick up this film on Blu-ray. It’s presented in 1080p at 2.39:1 aspect ratio and includes a DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 channel soundtrack (in English). The extra “Justice” is the only extra along with audio commentaries from Morel. And, a digital copy can be redeemed with iTunes.

Amazon is taking pre-orders of Peppermint on Blu-ray for $22.99, a savings of 34% off the list price of $34.99 (price may vary before release date).


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