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Movies Anywhere Doesn’t Provide Video Specs or 4k/HDR

ant-man-wasp-movies-anywhere-1280pxMovies Anywhere has evolved into an easy to use digital redemption service, at least from our experience, but it’s still lacking in two areas that us video/audiophiles are concerned with.

The first is video and audio specs. Movies Anywhere does not include video resolution or audio information in their descriptions of each movie. Perhaps it’s because MA serves many different platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play, and each service has it’s own variety of formats attributed to each title. For example, a movie may be offered in 4k/HDR on Apple but not on Google Play.

However, since movies are capable of playing within the Movies Anywhere environment (on moviesanywhere.com and through the Movies Anywhere app) you would expect some indication of video quality.

The second is 4k/HDR resolution. Movies Anywhere does not support UHD or HDR at this time, so users are limited to streaming 1080p or whatever bandwidth will allow. To view movies in 4k/HDR users need to use a partnering service’s website or app.

And, we don’t even know what audio formats are supported on Movies Anywhere. We couldn’t find any documentation on on moviesanywhere.com, and nothing is indicated within the video player itself.

Movies Anywhere doesn’t support Audio Description either, although subtitles are provided in English and whatever languages are encoded in the video stream.

Hey Disney. See that blank space under the Buy button in the screenshot above? That would be a great place to display movie details so we know what video and audio formats are possible. At the very least, video and audio specs for what’s streaming through the Movies Anywhere player for web browsers and apps.

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  1. You’re wrong about video description/information. It’s not directly under the buy button but it’s on the bottom left-hand corner right above video discovery.


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