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DirecTV’s World Cup 4k Feed Without Host Audio Commentary [Updated]

russia-vs-saudi-arabia-still-1-goal-1024pxDirecTV’s 4k/HDR broadcast of the FIFA World Cup on Channel 106 was without any play-by-play or color commentary, a stark difference from the sports broadcasts we’re used to seeing in the US with at least two and sometimes three voices heard over the ambient sounds of the game.

[Update: The games on Friday (at least for the DirecTV feed) now include commentators. Mark Followill and Warren Barton called the Egypt vs. Uruguay match, while Derek Rae and Aly Wagner (the first woman to call the men’s World Cup) hosted the match between Morocco and Iran). John Strong and Stu Holden will call Portugal vs. Spain.]

[Update 2: The problem with the audio commentary is that it’s delayed from the action. Most of the commentators are sitting in a studio Los Angeles and not at the stadium. It’s really obvious, and makes for a less enjoyable experience.]

The broadcast seems almost naked without the commentary, and even though the video is much sharper and realistic you might be inclined to tune-in to the HD broadcast of the matches on FOX or Telemundo just to get the full effect.

We don’t know how many of the matches will be broadcast in 4k without audio commentary, but we’d hope by the Round of 16 or the Quarterfinals there might be some some commentary added. Presumably, Dish’s 4k broadcasts will also be sans audio commentary, and maybe Comcast’s On Demand recordings as well. (Let us know in the comments if you know otherwise.)

For now though, you can crank up your audio system and bask in the sounds of the crowd, the whistles of the referee, and the voice of the stadium announcer when a goal (if any) is scored. And, if you’re watching with friends, why not add your own commentary?

The tournament continues on Friday, June 15th with three more matches. Here’s a full schedule of the 2018 World Cup.

Are you thinking of upgrading to 4k but haven’t yet? Here’s an article on How to Get 4k/HDR from DirecTV.

Contributing Author: Josh Henderson

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