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UV, iTunes, Amazon movies now show up on YouTube

youtube-purchases-movies-anywhere-1280pxWith the launch and sign up for the new Movies Anywhere service all my movie purchases from UltraViolet partners, Amazon Video, and iTunes are now showing up on YouTube under the left tab “Purchases.” This is also true for Amazon and Google Play where the Movies Anywhere database has filled my Amazon library with all the movie titles I own.

This is great news for those of us who have movies all over the place, and also gives us options in terms of how they are viewed. We can now choose to watch a movie on Youtube, Google Play, iTunes, Amazon Video, Vudu or any other service connected to the Movies Anywhere platform. A good example would be watching a movie on a PC, where personally I prefer Google Play to Vudu or Amazon Video. On my 4k TV, however, I would rather open the Vudu app to stream a 4k movie with HDR.

There have been some complaints from new Movies Anywhere users that all their titles didn’t port over correctly, and that customer service tends to be slow. But I found the service to work perfectly, and can imagine lots of other users have as well. As with most new technology products there tend to be glitches upon launch, but we should all keep in mind the service is free to use.

By the way, all the purchase dates indicated on YouTube will be the day they were ported from Movies Anywhere, not the actual purchase date. So, because I set up my account on Nov. 3, all the titles from UltraViolet and iTunes say the purchase date Nov. 3, 2017, and amount $0.00. Purchased titles also indicate “no expiration.”

(Read more about Movies Anywhere.)


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