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More TVs & devices support 4k HDR from Vudu

vudu-hdr-dolby-hdr10-logosVudu was one of the first to integrate Dolby Vision into digital movies, but for long time the HDR playback was limited to only select Vizio and LG 4k TVs. However, the list of supporting TVs and devices has expanded quite a bit to include more televisions, streaming media players, and the Xbox One S and X consoles.

And as of yesterday, Vudu now supports the HDR10 specification with select titles on Vudu-certified 4K UHD devices, although we’ve yet to find a title among their 4k UHD library that’s encoded with HDR10. They’ve also added a new icon that indicates HDR playback (seen above), which may represent either Dolby Vision or HDR10 in the specifications of the digital movie.

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Where exactly has Vudu expanded HDR playback? Two more Roku players support HDR now including the Roku Premiere+ and Ultra (when paired with a compatible 4K HDR TV), as well as the Nvidia Shield TV. And, the 2017 Samsung UBD-M9500 Ultra HD Blu-ray player can stream Vudu in HDR.

TVs that now support HDR from Vudu include Roku TV TCL P & C-Series models, LG UHD, Super UHD and OLED 4K TVs (2016 and 2017 models), and Samsung MU and Q-Series 4K HDR TVs.

Here’s a look at the newest devices since June, 2017 (highlighted in green) that now support HDR from Vudu.

4K Ultra HD playback only

  • Roku 4
  • Roku Premiere
  • Roku 4K TVs (without HDR support)
  • Samsung KS-Series 4K TVs
  • VIZIO P-Series & M-Series 4K HDTVs (Non-SmartCast)

4K Ultra HD + Dolby Vision HDR playback

  • Google Chromecast Ultra
  • LG 2016 & 2017 UHD, Super UHD and OLED 4k HDR TVs (previously limited models)
  • Nvidia Shield TV
  • Roku Streaming Stick+, Premiere+, Ultra
  • Samsung Q & MU-Series 4K HDR TVs
  • Samsung UBD-M9500 Blu-ray Disc Player (2017 model)
  • Roku 4K TVs with HDR support (including TCL P & C-Series)
  • VIZIO 2016 & 2017 Smartcast P & M-Series 4K HDR TVs
  • Xbox One S, One X
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Jeff has a background in photography, video and television production. He writes about technology, broadcasting, home theater, and digital entertainment.


  1. Please add the TCL series 6 to your growing list of devices P and C already listed 6 series does have Dolby vision and HDR

    Thank you Arnold Edmondson


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