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How To Get the Angels & Demons Digital Copy that wasn’t included in 4k Blu-ray Combo

angels-and-demons-4k-blu-ray-slipcover-960pxAngels & Demons released to Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc just about a year ago, but some units of the product did not include a redemption code for a digital copy from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (also redeemable through UltraViolet).

Our copy Angels & Demons on Ultra HD Blu-ray was acquired through Best Buy and had the typical combo slipcover that shows an Ultra HD Blu-ray, Blu-ray, and Digital copy are included (see pic above). But upon opening the plastic case there was no redemption code for a digital copy. This actually made sense because looking at the front and back of the case it didn’t say there was a digital copy included.

Now, it is completely feasible the slipcover from the copy of Angels & Demons we bought belonged to a different plastic case — one that did include a digital copy (in other words, the slipover was switched). However, that doesn’t explain why Best Buy is still selling the product with UltraViolet Digital Copy in the title (see image below).


We don’t know how many copies of Angels & Demons Ultra HD Blu-ray were either packaged wrong or did not include a digital redemption code. But it is clear from the photo above there was a mixup with the proper description and/or packaging of this product.

We tried to get Best Buy to figure it out, but they simply had no answer for their part. Their response was contact the manufacturer, which we did, and were able to get a digital copy over email.

Here’s how to do it. Reach out to Sony Pictures Home Entertainment at [email protected]

You’ll need a copy of your receipt, photos of the front and back of both the slipcover (if any) and case, and a photo of the UPC code. Sony was really helpful and quick getting back to us, so we hope you have the same experience.

One thing to note is their system was bouncing back our email because the file size of the photos was too large. Try to reduce image (file) size of the photos if you face the same issue.

The unfortunate thing is the digital copy (watchable on Vudu because of the UltraViolet connection) doesn’t include Ultra HD resolution (neither do The Da Vinci Code or Inferno for that matter). However, at the Sony Pictures Store all three titles indicate 4K Ultra HD & HDR video format.

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