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New Roku channels include Draw, Epic Meal Time, tpsy, & The Sweet Spot

roku-1280pxRoku has added five new free channels to their streaming lineup. Those new channels include the foodie network Epic Meal Time, the old Westerns channel Draw, documentary baseball channel The Sweet Spot, and the informative channel tpsy. They also added the game app Text Twist based on the classic word scramble game.

From Roku:

Epic Meal Time: The EMT crew features captivating videos of the foods you never knew you wanted to eat, including the “100 lb. Pizza Slice,” the 115,036 calorie “Nutella Bomb,” and the “50 Pound Fried Chicken Sandwich.”

Text Twist: The countdown is on to make as many words as possible with either six or seven random letters in this classic word scramble game.

Draw: Titles including The Lone Ranger and plenty of John Wayne flicks will have any old Western fan entertained until sundown.

The Sweet Spot: The Sweet Spot is a home run for any diehard fan, with documentaries and stories on “Mr. Cub” Ernie Banks and the baseball pioneers behind “A League of Their Own.”

tpsy: With videos like “How to Pack Booze in Your Suitcase So It Doesn’t Break,” “Six Healthy Breakfasts That Won’t Break The Bank,” and “6 Ways to Reduce Workplace Stress,” tpsy teaches you how to adult better.

View an extended list of Roku channels.

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