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Verizon Customers Can Now Get Unlimited Data

verizon-logo-156-130Verizon is the last of the major wireless operators to offer unlimited data, launching an $80 per month plan today for those who select automatic payments and paperless billing. Customers who want additional lines can add up to four more numbers at $45 per month.

The new plan, called Verizon Unlimited (which includes unlimited data, texts and talk), is available to both new and existing customers on either smartphones or tablets.

Customers with Verizon Unlimited will get LTE speeds, but may be slowed down after 22 GBs of usage depending on network congestion. This is a common disclaimer for wireless services offering unlimited data, and in fact the same cap set by AT&T a year ago when they launched unlimited data for DirecTV customers.

Verizon says customers can also add a smart watch, GizmoPal, or other connected device for $5 per month each. And, TravelPass is offered for $10 per day for access overseas, although a 500MB per day limit is in place, slowing customers to 2G speeds after reached.



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