Comcast Launches 1Gbps Internet In Chicago Area

comcast_logo_door_blue_angleComcast has begun a trial of its Gigabit internet service in the Chicago area, providing up to 1 Gigabit-per second internet download speed to customers.

The MSO is delivering the Gigabit service over their existing network infrastructure using DOCSIS 3.1 technology.

With the 1Gbps service Comcast clocks a 5GB HD movie download at only 40 seconds, a 600MB TV episode at 4 seconds, and a 15GB video game at two minutes.

Earlier this year Comcast launched the service in Atlanta and Nashville, and in addition to Chicago has plans to launch it in Detroit and Miami before year’s end.

Comcast is also testing promotional pricing during the trial period, but the regular price of the new 1Gbps service is $139.95 plus taxes and fees. The price of Comcast’s Gigabit Pro plan that offers up to 2Gbps is $299.95 per month.


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