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Leaks Reveal First Details About The Nintendo NX


Numerous sources have confirmed to Eurogamer that Nintendo’s mysterious upcoming NX system will be a portable gaming console capable of being played as both a mobile device and traditional home console.

Although the Wii U does enjoy some mobile functionality thanks to the LCD screen built-in to its controller, the NX is something else entirely. According to an artist’s rendition of the console based on revealed information, the NX system itself will consist of a large screen with two detachable controllers on the side. A docking station will supposedly be used to connect the NX to your television, while those who choose to use the device’s mobile functionality will have access to a kickstand on the back of the system that allows it to be propped up.

It’s worth noting that this design does seem to match the patent  that Nintendo recently registered for a handheld device. At the time, it was speculated that the device was either the next Nintendo mobile system or something related to the NX.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this leaked information is the NX’s technical prowess. The Nintendo NX will come equipped with an Nvidia Tegra mobile processor. While the Tegra is a top of the line mobile processor, it is in no way comparable to the 4K technology that will be fueling Sony and Microsoft’s next consoles. Nintendo is allegedly aware of this discrepancy, according to the latest reports, and are unconcerned as they do not seem to intend for one of the console’s strengths to be its graphical power.

NX games will also supposedly run on video game cartridges as opposed to modern DVD and Blu-Ray disc formats, making this the first major home video game console to use cartridges since the N64. Current rumors suggest that Nintendo is floating the idea of a 32 GB cartridge (which would be quite small in comparison to modern games) but that figure is unconfirmed at this time. It is believed, though, that the NX will also support digital downloads.

Nintendo has not yet confirmed these reports and maintain that the NX will be officially revealed later this year prior to its March 2017 release date. However, everything revealed so far does seem to match the rumors and leaks that have been floating for the last year around regarding the NX. If indeed the major points of this report are accurate, then it seems that Nintendo may again be trying something radically different with their next console.

Matthew Byrd
Matthew Byrdhttps://hd-report.com
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