How To Get A Sony 4k Ultra HD TV with HDR for $799

sony-4k-ultra-hd-tv-xbr-49700Forgive us if you take the headline as sort of click-baitish, but we were digging into Sony’s newest lineup of 4k TVs and noticed something worth mentioning. Sony’s 49″ class XBR-49X700D 4k TV (MSRP $999) isn’t advertised as an HDR TV, but it’s HDR-capable.

The 49X700D is available in limited stock on Amazon, and Best Buy is currently taking pre-orders on the model that will apparently start shipping from BB this month. Both retailers have it priced at $799 — a really good price for a 4k TV (even at 49-inches) that will eventually play HDR content.

The XBR-49X700D isn’t advertised as supporting HDR like Sony’s more expensive sibling 800-series 4k TVs (more details here), but Sony stated in their press release that firmware updates for the 700 and 750-series TVs would be released later this year.

There are two other new models that aren’t advertised as HDR TVs. The 55″ XBR-55X700D is $899 ($1,499 MSRP) and the 65” XBR-65X750D is $1,499 ($2,299.99 MSRP), both of which will supposedly get firmware updates to support HDR later this year.

If you’re willing to wait for high dynamic range (which isn’t a bad idea considering the infancy of the technology and limited number of titles available with HDR), you can get a 49″ HDR TV for under $800. That’s something that has only been possible with open box products or TVs purchased in the used market.

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