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UltraFlix launches 4k titles for Roku 4 players

ultraflix-4k-channel-rokuRoku 4 owners now have another alternative for Ultra HD content with the launch of 4k titles on UltraFlix. The app channel, available on the Roku platform, is called UltraFlix 4k and will only deliver 4k titles on Roku 4 streaming media players. Hit films now available include GI Joe, Gladiator, Mission Impossible, Star Trek, The Godfather, The Terminator, Transformers, and World War Z among others.

UltraFlix calls their channel “The world’s largest selection of 4K Content,” with native 4k digital titles as well as titles that went through a 4k film scanning process from Nanotech’s 4K Studios. The films come from several studios including Paramount Pictures, Magnolia, MGM, Millennium, and Warner Bros., as well as a few documentary titles from IMAX.

Movie titles can be purchased or rented from the UltraFlix app on Roku 4. Rental prices start at $1.99 and go up to $9.99, while purchased titles range from $9.99 to $24.99. Content purchased from UltraFlix will also stream in HD, but the app channel currently has only one set price for each title.

For TV, UltraFlix is adding shows from A&E Networks, as well as time-lapse motion art from independent producers. (Their website is currently in the process of updating with additional titles.)

The UltraFlix 4k service is only available for customers in the US.


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  1. Speaking of desperate investors, u sound exactly like a desperate “shorter”, making a poor attempt to put a baby size stranglehold on a company that will inevitably be a powerhouse in the streaming business… So let’s correct the corrector, shall we? UltraFlix does NOT “require” a 15-20 Mbps Internet connection, unlike that of Netflix and Amazon Prime, who INSIST their subscribers maintain a connection of at least 15-20 Mbps… Sure, UltraFlix recommends it, but doesn’t “require” it… UltraFlix CAN provide a flawless stream in ultra HD with a connection as low as 5 Mbps… They’re able to do this cause they adapt to a users line degradation, by utilizing different compression algorithms, depending on the feature being watched (a concert is different than a dramatic movie, which is different than an action movie, which is different than a documentary etc…)… UltraFlix does this because they were smart enough to realize that not EVERY household in the world maintains the same Broadband speed for their internet service (some might have 20 Mbps, others might only have 2 Mbps)… As far as the 4K “scanning” they do to upgrade the movie titles, it’s no secret that there’s hardly any “native” 4K films available cause Hollywood studios have only recently started using 4K cameras to shoot… So thank u Captain Obvious for the tech update… Is it UltraFlix’s fault some studio shot a movie with what they had to work with in 1985? Or that Terminator Genysis was shot in 2K? Didnt think so… FACT remains, is UltraFlix provides the largest library of 4K content with a picture quality that is 100x better than ANY other streaming service out there… Now, let me guess, the next thing you’re gonna bring up is how some of Netflix’s original content is being shot in 4K, right? Probly, cause from your garbage post, your last name must be “Hastings”… Yeah, sure, they have a few of their shows shot in native 4K, but the rest of their library content is horrendous… And it’s not going to improve anytime soon cause the bigger studios won’t grant them licensing… UNLIKE that of UltraFlix who has already closed deals with Paramount, MGM, Magnolia, and Warner Bros… And the rest of UltraFlix’s catalog doesn’t only consist of “Bollywood and Polish” titles… They have several series and documentaries from the likes of A&E, National Georaphic, and Discovery Channel, including a series from the San Francisco 49ers called “The Faithful”, *cough*, completely shot in NATIVE 4K… Which is just a small introduction into the arena UltraFlix will also enter, live sports… So if you’re gonna continue to misinform ppl “Erik”, at least give readers some type of truth about your intentions… I suggest u start with your name… And change the “E” to a “P”.

  2. This article sure needs a lot of corrections. UltraFlix requires a 15-20 mbps internet connection, according to Roku. “Perfect” 4K is impossible at 6mbps, no matter what desperate investors tell you. Additionally, most (if not all) big studio catalog titles on UF are upscaled from 2K masters provided by the studios, i.e. they are not real, true 4K. What little scanning capacity UF’s parent company has is dedicated for obscure Bollywood titles and Polish movies. There are very few true 4K titles on UF, since even quite new blockbuster titles were finished in 2K. Take Terminator Genisys, for example: shot digitally in 3K (yes, 3), with digital VFX done in 2K, and the film was finished in 2K. Any 4K version out there, even IMAX, was made by upscaling from a 2K master.


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