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NBC Streaming App Channel Added to Roku

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The lineup of Roku app channels is brimming with local TV stations that unless you live in the neighborhood you may not be interested in. But when a national network like NBC releases an app channel heads tend to turn.

Today, version 1.0 of the NBC channel for Roku launched officially launched, bringing new episodes of shows like “The Voice,” “Days of our Lives” and “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” the day after airing.

The streaming NBC channel offers complete seasons of select shows such as “Blacklist” (Season Two is currently available), so viewers can binge watch as long as they like.

The app also streams show premieres such as “Live! The Best Time Ever,” as well as trailers, web exclusives,  clips and interviews from upcoming series such as “Heroes Reborn” and “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.”

Advertisements are integrated into episodes and most content, but some shorter clips and trailers are ad-free. Much of the content on the NBC streaming channel has a limited availability time window.

To get the NBC app for Roku just search for NBC or look in the New section of the Channel Store.

The NBCUniversal app instructs television service customers to log-in in order to view more content than those who do not sign-in. However, upon launch, it appears the same amount of content is offered to either party.

To sign-in, press the asterisk button on the Roku remote control while in the app. You’ll be directed to go to http://nbc.com/activate/roku and enter the activation code provided. Then, the website will prompt you to log-in to your TV service provider.

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  4. my nbc channel has been out for a week or more it will come on then after a few minutes it will show an error problem.what can i do or is it gonna be fixed soon.it worked fine when i got it now it is out.please fix the channel.

  5. I cannot log in with my roku per directions! It is very upsetting to purchase a more expensive streaming device, and be asked for a service provider for log in. My local phone provider only supports Internet now with no other cable or satellite available. A Comcast was 1/4 the price and my local friends have no problem. What am I to do?

  6. Why will NBC app not go to my Roku XD but will Roku LT. At one time it was on the XD but disappeared and I can’t get it back. I uninstalled from LT and reinstalled thru website and it just want go.

  7. I have a ROKU because I can watch EVERYTHING I enjoyed watching, without a cable subscription. I watched a months worth of The Blacklist, only to find out that I suddenly needed to active my account with a provider. WHY would I want to pay for a provider, when I can access content I enjoy, via Roku?

    I’m not going back to cable OR satellite television.

    What gives?

  8. Why do I need a cable provider to log into the NBC app. The purpose of me streaming music television is to do away with cable, this is an inconvenience! First, they took Blacklist off Hulu so I got the NBC app which was fine just yesterday and now I need a cable provider information to watch no cable stations….this is ludicrous!

  9. Why can’t I view Blacklist without a TV provider subscription? Blacklist used to stream on HuluPlus…why was it taken off…

  10. This link http://nbc.com/activate/roku allows you to activate and view content which needs authentication (you just need to have cable subscription to view these videos – like Xfinity or Optimum). To add the main channel to your list in Roku, search for NBC and add the app to the list


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