Flixster Shuts Down Community Site

Flixster-logoFlixster shut down their seven-year-old community site as of yesterday, September 30. The online forum provided a place to review movies, share images, and discuss titles with other Flixster members. But after seven years, the online community service closed. Those who contributed ratings, reviews, and quizzes, however, will still be able to access their content on the Flixster-owned RottenTomatoes.com website.

The shutdown hasn’t affected the Flixster digital movie service though. You’ve probably seen the Flixster brand attached to certain Blu-ray combo editions that allow you to redeem an UltraViolet digital copy through their website. Flixster.com also rents and sells digital movies, with pricing competitive to other movie services such as iTunes and Vudu. And, there’s a Movies by Flixster app for Android and iOS devices that provides movie times, reviews (provided by Rotten Tomatoes), trailers, and access to customer-owned UltraViolet movie collections.

Flixster is owned by Warner Bros., a subsidiary of Time Warner.


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