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‘Sons of Anarchy’ Final Season premieres Sept. 9


The final season of Sons of Anarchy has revved up with a dramatic trailer shown exclusively at IMDB. FX’s flagship show premieres on September 9th with a 90 minute special, and if the trailer is any indication of what to expect this season will be explosive.

The video opens with a grisly scene as Jax Teller, played by Charlie Hunam, buries his knuckles into another prisoner before he’s back on his bike with a lust for revenge.

“I already lost the woman I love. I’m not going to lose my club,” says Jax.

From the look of the trailer Jax will be leaving chaos in the wake of his bike as he ties up loose ends and the SAMCRO biker club takes its last ride.

The Hamlet-inspired TV show spells trouble for every cast member. Who will live? Who will die? If it’s anything like Hamlet, then no soul is safe from the Reaper.

Marilyn Manson, Malcolm Jamal Warner and Courtney Love will be joining the crew this fall. Rumor has it that Manson will take on the role of a white supremacist confined in jail while Warner will play “Sticky,” a member of the biker club the Grim Bastards.

During the Comic-Con San Diego the show’s creator, Kurt Sutter, and the cast received a standing ovation from electrified fans for creating FX’s highest rated show. Suttor told the audience that although Sons of Anarchy will conclude this season a prequel is under serious consideration.

Sutter stressed that he’s not sure whether a prequel would work best as a miniseries or full-time show.

In a video message shown at Comic-Con Charlie Hunamm told attendees, “This is the seventh season of the show. For a show to stay on the air that long requires the massive support of our fans.”

The only safe bet we can make is that fans will be mesmerized by this season of Sons of Anarchy as we watch Kurt Sutter ride down a dark path of destruction towards the shows dramatic conclusion.


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